Saturday, 5 March 2011

Make Up Shoot One

So I haven't been on for a couple of days. . because of no internet connection . . But I used up my last BT day pass today and it's slowly running out. .

I decided to start uploading some images from my Make Up Portfolio. . So here I go, these first photos have been taken a couple of weeks ago, I'm really happy with the result of these, mostly because it's my favourite kind of Make Up - Fashion/Fantasy. It did take a long while to do these 3 looks but all that time was worth it. The ideas where taken from a certain magazine I got from a friend.. Hope U love them as much as I do !

Kas.El x

Friday, 25 February 2011

I'm Back..Back Again. .

So I decided to give the whole blogging thing a go again..A lot has changed recently.. for better or worse ? I don't know, both in a way I guess.This year I am concentrating on my future, and leaving everything else behind..Im all about my Make-up && Uni starting in a couple of months. .I'm staying positive and telling myself that it's all going to be good, it has to be!So here's to the fresh start and moving on from the past, and looking forward.

&& In the words of a certain woman ' . . not bothered ? There ain't such thing as not bothered, stop being lazy- and just do it ! '

;;Here's a couple of links some of you might find interesting click away : )

Sunday, 21 February 2010

iiJust Wanna Be, iiJust Wanna Be Successful.

SuccessfulbyFugative iiS iiN myy head for some reason. . && SuccessfulbyDrake Ft Lil Wayne && Trey Songs iiS playing on repeat in myy speakers . ;

So Post Nr2; Today was another Sundayy. . but I have to say that it wasn't all that boring or bad.I was constantly doing something && then in the evening I went out for a lil' walk. . Looking like this ;

&& A couple of dayys ago I went shopping.Well i went shopping 2 dayys ago too but that was the 2nd time ;P So anyywayz when I went shopping the 1st time I realised that I AM ADDICTED to buying HANDBAGS! I wanted to buy three of the same bag but in three different colours(I ended up buying two). && Later on iiGot asked how manyy handbags iiOwn, and tdayy I finally got around to counting them. && ATM iiDo Own 48 Handbags ;D The other thing that I have recently realised is that all iiNeed iiS Myy MacBook/Apple && River Island <3 ;D and forget everything else lol nah iiMean iiNeed myy make-up && Stuff too but that's a lil' less important :P

So on myy 1st shopping 'trip' iiBrought hand bags (MORE) && A jacket, && on the 2nd 'trip' iiBrought the sexiest jewellery(also from river island),Some make-up, a coat and ohh. . A Handbag ;P ( also from R.I.) And I have decided that iiAint taking myy card out for a couple of months. . Again lol (not gonna go into how I lost it byy hiding it somewhere in myy room last time . . )

So here's a lil' of what iiGet up2 in myy busy life. . LOL && iiBee Off 2 sleep allReadyy coz it's Kindah Lateee ! So Night Bloggers, even if ur not reading this ;P

ExOhExOh KasKas x

Some Beginnings Start So Quitely . .

. . U Don't Even Notice The're Happening, && Most Endings Come When U Least Expect Them. .

So here's myy beginning as a Blogger ;) Seen as i'm new to this it might take me a while to get into it ;P && iiWill put in the effort even though the chances aree that no one will read this, but heyy. . So for now im off coz it's time to get out off beddd ! Post Nr2 Will be posted laterr on ;D

Peacee Outtt ''Guyyzz'' x

(Btw it is SO Weird not typing in slang lol. .)